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Mooer Audio are a manufacturer of high quality musical accessories, especially effects units, based in Shenzhen, China.

The company's most popular series is made up of compact guitar effects pedals, called the Micro series. The design of the pedals revolve around a normal sized knob in the centre that controls a main function, and two to three smaller knobs that control other functions. Most of the pedals are made to be similar to other popular pedals. Examples include the Mooer Ninety Orange Phaser, similar to the MXR Phase 90 and Mooer's Green Mile Overdrive, based on the Ibanez Tube Screamer. The series consists of 53 pedals in total.

In addition to guitar effects pedals, the company also makes guitar effects processors, mini guitar amplifiers, and pedal boards specifically made for the Micro series.

Mooer are a very popular brand of effects pedals at Modern Music. Mooer have a huge range of pedals, and we try to keep the most popular pedals in stock. Contact us on 01872 271701, email us here or enquire in store for more details.

At Modern Music we believe that when a customer first tries an instrument, it should feel and play to its optimum potential. Because of this, every Instrument and Drum Kit we have for sale at Modern Music has been fully checked over and adjusted if needed, insuring our customers always have the best first impression from their chosen instrument.

We also offer a free complete guitar set up with any Guitar purchased from us, this is so we insure the instrument can be adjusted to suit all styles and preferences. This free set up lasts within the twelve-month warranty period from the date the Guitar is purchased. Every Drum Kit is also fully assembled and expertly tuned at no extra charge by Dave who runs our Drum Department.

We also test every item of electronic equipment in store, to guarantee they are in good working order. All customers are able view or demo any item in store before purchase.