Dream Dark Matter 21" Eclipse Ride

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Dark Matter Cymbals

Dream's Dark Matter Cymbal series consists of three models: Flat Earth, Moon Rides and Dark Matter Energy. Despite the varying designs and sounds throughout the series, all of the cymbals have undergone Dream's unique Dark Matter process. This special process involves taking the finished cymbals and sending them back through the oven. Next, the cymbals are repeatedly hammered before they are submerged into a cold water bath. The result of the process coats the outside of the cymbal with a blend of ash and soot from the oven fused together with the top layer of metal. Essentially, Dark Matter Cymbals have been through the production process twice, creating cymbals that not only sound great but have their own individual appearance.


  • Unique tone and smooth wash
  • Bright tone with enhanced projection
  • Ideal for a range of drumming styles
  • Half-lathed design with charred centre
  • Sturdy articulation with cutting edge

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