LAG 10-Series Soprano Ukulele

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The history of Lâg Guitars started in 1978, in the heart of Occitania, a colorful region in Southern France. After a few years of studying, Michel Lâg, talented guitar player and singer, turns into an experienced luthier.

In 1981, a real lutherie workshop was born in Toulouse, in his grandfather’s former warehouse. Little by little, the young entrepreneur is really willing to design his own models. That’s how renowned artists put aside their famous American guitars for a beautiful and original Roxanne.

In 1998 in order to satisfy the growing demand, the company moves to Bedarieux, where, during a decade, a few thousands of electric guitars will be made to the up-most happiness of French guitar players.

The beginning of the new millennium is a turning point in the brand’s history. Lâg Guitars tries to survive despite the tough development of the economic environment. However, at the end of 2002, and when the Lâg company is about to close down, Gérard Garnier, founder of the Algam group, French leader in the manufacturing and distribution of musical instruments, takes the control of Lâg Guitars, giving the French brand a fresh start.

From 2010, a harvest of international awards will crown the Tramontane acoustic range, now famous for its oval rosette adorned with the iconic Occitan cross.

2013 is a major year for the brand. First of all, the brand knows a huge success with the new Roxane Racing collection, arisen from the encounter of the most beautiful racing cars on the planet and the legendary Roxanne (originally written with 2 n), described as “best guitars in the world” by Phil Campbell (Motörhead). It also opens a Lâg factory combining the cutting edge of technology and the luthier’s traditional savoir-faire.

Two years earlier, a real industrial project saw the light, in Northern China, thanks to the relentless work of Benjamin Garnier, worthy heir of his father, and Kurt Hendrick, one of the best American experts in guitar manufacturing. Thus, to the top-notch French guitars was added a range of guitars with an exceptional quality but much more affordable, gathering the best of China, the US and France.

Michel Lâg has become a wonderful ambassador of the brand he founded. All over the world, he tells his beautiful story, the one of a small French brand that is growing.

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